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My Apologies!

April 4, 2017

Wow! I hadn’t realized that it had been four years since I wrote a blog here. I guess I just got caught up in life and forgot. My bad.

Anyway, I am back, and very happily back at that. My writing took a backseat for a while as I finished up my doctorate and continued to work as an independent consultant.

I retired last year and have been getting my farm up and running. It’s been interesting, going from independent consultant to resident farmer. But it’s been fun and I’ve learned a ton, not only about farming but about myself.

But now my writing is taking front and center again as I get more and more organized. I love to write, and it beckons me. It doesn’t matter if anyone reads it (though I’d like them to!). What matters is that the characters are alive to me. And the story matters to me.

So then, stay tuned!


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