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When You’re Going It Alone, You Really Are On Your Own

January 13, 2013

Many people reject the Bible and Christianity, including all the beliefs and morality that Jesus laid down. They would rather be in control of their own lives and decide their own fates. That is their choice. But what does that mean?

It means that when things go well, people get to take credit for it. If they get a job promotion they can claim that it was their own doing. If they find themselves able to take that great vacation or are able to make that big purchase, they can say that they did it themselves. Great marriage? Their doing. Children? All them. New home? Big savings account? Great car? It is all their doing.

But when things go badly, they also have to take credit for that. Lost that job? Their fault. No money in the bank? That’s their fault, too. Divorced? Children hate them? Foreclosed on their home? All their fault.

The thing is, most people are happy to take the credit when things go well, but not when things don’t.   That’s when the finger pointing starts. “I lost that job because so and so was a real jerk” or “because my boss didn’t understand me” or “because they are downsizing.” It is never the person’s fault. A divorce is always the spouse’s fault and the foreclosure is the economy’s fault, or the bank’s fault, or the spouse’s fault. If the children are acting out then it’s their friend’s fault, or the spouse’s fault, etc… Very few people are willing to own up to their mistakes, even when it is glaringly obvious to everyone else.

The other problem with ‘going it alone’ (as many who reject Christianity do) is that they really are on their own. When they find themselves in an untenable situation they have no one to turn to. Certainly they could reach out to another human for help, but all humans suffer from the same set of weaknesses. Some are stronger in some areas than others, but no one has it all together. So, if a person is experiencing uncontrollable anger over something, where do they go? If they find themselves treated unfairly, who do they turn to? If they’ve been robbed, or if someone has cheated to get ahead at work, or has cut them off on the road, or butted in line at the store, what do they do? They can bottle it all up inside, or gripe and complain to others. But that doesn’t solve anything. They run the risk of becoming known as a grumbler, or having someone share their confidences. No, humans are generally not trustworthy.

For those who have rejected Christianity, the next time you find yourself in a place where you have an emotion that is eating away at you, such as anger, betrayal, frustration or bitterness, consider that God is always there to turn to. He knows and understands. He will listen without judgment. He cares and is waiting to help you, just as soon as you are willing to let Him. Humans will always fail us, but the Bible teaches us that Jesus is that friend that sticks closer than a brother. He will never leave or forsake us. Everyone else may flee, but He promises to stick with you through thick and thin. He gave His very life that you could be free.

If you want to experience that freedom, feel free to contact me for more information.


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